Portland Criminally Negligent Homicide Attorney

Portland Criminally Negligent Homicide AttorneyIn Oregon, a person commits the crime of criminally negligent homicide when, with criminal negligence, the person causes the death of another. Criminally negligent homicide is a Class B felony in Oregon punishable by up to ten years in prison. In Washington State, criminally negligent homicide is charged as second-degree manslaughter when a person acts with criminal negligence and thereby causes the death of another person. Of course, anyone who faces a charge of criminally negligent homicide needs immediate, aggressive defense representation. Call Portland criminally negligent homicide attorney David T. McDonald. For nearly 25 years, Portland criminally negligent homicide attorney David McDonald has defended clients accused of the most serious violent felonies. He has also established a reputation for legal excellence and a record of success that speaks for itself.


Criminally negligent homicide is typically charged in cases involving a preventable accident, such as an automobile accident where the driver was impaired or a hunting accident where safety procedures were ignored. Criminally negligent homicide may also apply in “faith-healing” cases when a family refuses for religious reasons to provide a child with conventional medical care and the child dies. With almost a quarter-century of criminal defense experience, Portland criminally negligent homicide attorney David McDonald has handled a wide variety of homicide cases and is well-equipped to represent you, whatever the circumstances may be in your particular situation.


Every defendant accused of criminally negligent homicide deserves vigorous, dedicated defense representation. If you are accused of criminally negligent homicide, contact a Portland criminally negligent homicide attorney at the law firm of David T. McDonald today. He will fight tirelessly on your behalf, make sure that your side of the story is told, and work for the best possible resolution to your homicide case. In Oregon, David McDonald represents clients in Portland and in Washington, Clackamas, and Multnomah counties. In Washington, he represents clients in Clark County and throughout the state’s southwest. He also works with Spanish-speaking investigators and interpreters to represent clients in the Hispanic community. To learn more or to arrange an initial telephone consultation, call Portland criminally negligent homicide attorney David T. McDonald at 503-226-0188 today. Evening and weekend appointments are available.