Portland Mortgage Fraud Attorney

The record number of foreclosures and the downturn in real estate over the last decade has resulted in a skyrocketing number of prosecutions for mortgage and real estate fraud.  Federal prosecutors use a variety of statutes to prosecute those accused of mortgage fraud. Defendants may be charged with mail fraud, wire fraud, bank fraud, or even money laundering. Since almost every aspect of a real estate transaction involves using the telephone, mail, or internet, prosecutors in mortgage fraud cases often charge defendants with mail or wire fraud. If you face any criminal charge related to a real estate transaction, get legal help at once. Call the Portland law firm of Portland mortgage fraud attorney David T. McDonald.


Portland Sexual Child Abuse LawyerMost real estate transactions include financing from a bank or mortgage institution, so federal bank fraud laws may come into play. Additionally, a prosecutor may toss in a money laundering charge in what was otherwise a straightforward mortgage fraud case. Money laundering charges may carry harsher penalties than other fraud charges, giving prosecutors more leverage against defendants. Mortgage fraud cases are extraordinarily complicated. Defending a client against a mortgage fraud allegation requires substantial investigation, document review, and analysis. Portland mortgage fraud attorney David McDonald may defend you by showing that you were an innocent pawn in a scheme devised by others; you may not even have been aware of the fraud involved in the real estate transaction in question. Sentencing in mortgage fraud cases is also complicated, so you’ll need an attorney familiar with federal sentencing guidelines. Those likely to be prosecuted for mortgage fraud include realtors, mortgage brokers, underwriters, title agents, appraisers, and even real estate attorneys and bankers.


If you (or your business) are being investigated or prosecuted for mortgage fraud, call Portland mortgage fraud attorney David McDonald promptly. With 20 years of experience defending clients in federal court, Portland mortgage fraud attorney David McDonald is eminently qualified to represent you. In Oregon, David McDonald represents clients in Portland and in Washington, Clackamas, and Multnomah counties. In Washington, he represents clients in Clark County and throughout the state’s southwest region. He also works with Spanish-speaking investigators and interpreters to defend clients in the Hispanic community. To schedule an initial consultation, call the law firm of David T. McDonald at 503-226-0188. Evening and weekend appointments are available.